Wheat Management

Preparing a Bin for Harvest

Grain Bins

  • Do not place newly harvested grain into a bin that contains old crop.
  • Empty the bin of all residual grain.
  • Brush down the walls, sweep up the floor and remove dust and chaff.
  • Clean grain, chaff, and debris from under the false floor and air tunnel.
  • Inspect for and repair any cracks and holes.
  • Use a registered insecticide for spraying bin sides and floor. Diacon IGR PLUS, PBO-8 Synergist, and Centynal EC are examples of Insecticides Registered for Wheat that have good residual properties. Apply a coarse spray on all areas that are sprayed. Pay particular attention to cracks, doors, and air tunnels. This should be done several days prior to placing grain into the bin. Be sure to alternate the insecticide every year.
  • Clean the perimeter of the bin of debris and weeds. Spray the area with an approved insecticide.
  • The bin is now ready to receive grain.
  • Periodically spray around the perimeter of the bin with an approved insecticide. Also, be sure to keep grain spills picked up and weeds pulled.
  • Storing dry grain below 13 percent moisture is best.
  • Be sure not to place any grain on top of this bin after it has been treated with phosphine.


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