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Crop Tours

Crop Tours

We host yearly Crop Tours at all 3 of our locations. From the field to the mill, our tours feature educational presentations of all phases of wheat product production. We encourage food producers & farmers alike to attend our tours to better understand our processes and quality assurances that go into our products.

Our extensive tours include the following highlights

Field Tour
We start in the field to see the basics of what goes into a successful wheat crop. Tours are led by one of our independent consultants who educate you on potential crop problems and how to manage unwanted characteristics

Lab Tour
Take an up close look into the Siemer Milling labs to see our testing capabilities, in addition to our food safety and quality control initiatives

Mill Tour
Tour our production facilities to experience the technologies and innovations that we use to produce the finest grain products in the industry


Flour 101

Want to learn more about how your Flour is made? Looking for differences between Soft Red Winter Wheat and Hard Winter Wheat? We’ve prepared a Flour 101 slideshow giving you a brief overview of the flour milling process.


View Slideshow