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Farmer Relationships

Siemer Milling Employee in Wheat Field

Our mission
begins here

We start in the field with the finest, responsibly grown wheat. Our community roots are built on long standing relationships with our farmers. These bonds, along with our history of innovation, leads to wholesome quality that our customers can trust.

Education and collaboration lead to innovation and increased success for the small-grain wheat grower. Siemer Milling has a variety of programs and initiatives in place that foster strong relationships with our wheat farmers.

We provide educational resources and wheat management advice for both farmers and customers.

We leverage the expertise and objectivity of the most experienced independent consultants in the industry to maximize the success of both ourselves and our farmers.

Grower Programs
Our Wheat Profitmaster Program is an initiative intended to increase both yields and profits for our farmers through advanced wheat production management.

Wheat Field during Harvest


Our Annual Farmer Meetings provide an opportunity to connect with our producers and work together to make wheat a beneficial and profitable component of their operations. We bring in presenters and experts in Grain Marketing and Wheat Production from around the globe to discuss issues facing farmers and educate on techniques to maximize yield and profits

Contact one of our Grain Representatives for more information on Wheat Management


Brian Semple
Grain Merchandiser
(800) 826-1065 ext. 2247
(217) 857-2247


Jonathan Poston
Grain Merchandiser
(270) 475-2316 office
(270) 839-8305 cell


Dawn Schuman
Grain Merchandiser
(812) 637-4123
(513) 335-8887