New Flour Storage Facility Update

Siemer Milling Company’s new flour storage facility in Teutopolis, IL is scheduled for completion in February 2019.  Flour storage capacity will increase from 800,000 to 3 million lbs!  The facility will give Siemer more flexibility for production and transportation scheduling.  It replaces a storage structure built in 1975, when flour production at Teutopolis was only 25% of today’s capacity.  Our team has worked wonders making that old facility suffice; we look forward to the efficiencies created by the expanded storage capacity.

Modern construction techniques and equipment design will also support Siemer’s commitment to making safe, wholesome food ingredients.  Everything about the building, from the seamless concrete structure to the stainless steel food contact surfaces, is designed for high product integrity and ease of maintenance and sanitation.  The design also allows for incremental transportation efficiencies, as well as better product monitoring and traceability.

Just a handful of building contractors in the country are experts in “slipform” concrete construction, where the structure is created by a continuous concrete pour 24 hours a day, “slipping” up about one foot per hour until the requisite height is reached.  Siemer has developed an excellent relationship with one of those contractors, Todd & Sargent of Ames, IA.  The time-lapse video above will show T&S construction of the building June 25-29, 2018.

September 19, 2018