Univ. of Kentucky’s Grain and Forage Center of Excellence names Conference Center, Siemer Milling Company Conference Center


Carl S., Dave J., Joyce S., Sunil M., Diane, Red, Rick, Jay W., Henry S., and Steven Locke

Princeton, KY- The University of Kentucky has officially opened its Grain & Forage Center of Excellence as of Thursday, September 19, 2019. This facility will be committed to moving the states and surrounding region’s agriculture community forward.

In 2016, the facility became a reality when the Kentucky Agricultural Development Board awarded the university $15 million for its completion. Warren Beeler, executive director of the Governor’s Office of Agricultural Policy states, “The Kentucky Agricultural Development Board is a proud partner with the UK Grain and Forage Center of Excellence. The research performed here on local soils, all types of crops and methods of production will prepare our farmers to compete globally.”

Researchers of the center will conduct projects that focus on efficient production and long-term sustainability. Various areas will be studied including variable rate irrigation, incorporating summer annuals into forage rotations, cover crops, improved forage quality, new marketing opportunities for specialty grains and fighting new weeds in forages and grains.

The dedication ceremony was attended by 7,800 people to honor the new center. The center which is located 25 miles north of Hopkinsville, KY. Because of the great work done in Kentucky the last 30 years in improving wheat yields and quality, and because we want to encourage more progress in the future, Siemer Milling Company made a sizeable financial commitment to help fund the new center. In honoring our financial commitment to the UK Grain and Forage Center of Excellence, the Convention Center is now referred to as “Siemer Milling Company Conference Center.”


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